• Photo by Carlos Ayento; taken at Brighton Park Iris

ORIGINATOR: Phil Edinger


CLASS: Tall Bearded


BLOOM SEASON: Early to Mid

DESCRIPTION: S. white, heavily edged red- violet; F. white, edged red-violet.

PARENTAGE: M. Hawkinson 57-11 cream/rose plicata, unknown, X L. Burbridge purple sdlg.: (Raven Wing x Majorette)


PBF: None

From the 1968 Melrose Gardens Catalog: (DeMuth sdg: Raven Wing x Northwestern) X (Burbridge sdg: Raven Wing x Northwestern) Note: It was our move in approaching Phil about introducing this iris but in the process the agreement was made that we did not have to believe this parentage.)
"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:" The standards of this iris arch into a vaulted dome of crystal white embellished by a wide band of intricacies in purple design. Fimbriated style crests stand as violet gateways leading into the spacious, cool interior from which the vast, brood-hafted falls spread outward like carved white marble and the purple decorations continue down each side of the falls, diminishing as the distance increases. Nobly held on exceptionally well branched stems with numerous buds and above salubrious foliage. The architecture of the flowers is the most impressive so far seen in a plicata, and yet throughout, the soaring lines are softened by the flowing fantasies of surging furbelows.
"It was a miracle of rare device,
A sunny pleasure-dome with caves of ice."