Miss California

  • Photo by Carlos Ayento; taken at Brighton Park Iris

ORIGINATOR: Carl Salbach


CLASS: Tall Bearded



DESCRIPTION: Deep orchid pink, darker veins at haft; beards lemon yellow.

PARENTAGE: Dauntless X Desert Gold

AWARDS: Honorable Mention 1938

PBF: Unknown

From the 1938 Carl Salbach Iris Catalog: At last, a beautiful and entirely distinct tone of pink in a fine, upstanding iris. The color, lilac pink (Tyrian pink to amaranth pink by Ridgway) was most popular and certainly marvelled at by our garden visitors this season. The flowers were of Dauntless form, but larger, and it is taller than either Dauntless or Desert Gold, its parents. Produced from a cross definiely planned for pinks, Miss California was easily the choice from among a number of pink-toned seedlings, and coming from two hardy parents, its own hardiness is assured. Growth vigorous, flowers very large, and of perect form and excellent substance. Branching good, and substance very heavy. Flowers very large for an iris of any color; simply huge when compared to most pinks.

From the 1940 Schreinerís Iris Lover's Catalog: This iris is another of the newer race of large pinks. It is deeper than Morocco Rose in color and slightly veined. The beard is lemon yellow, and the flower is a nice lilac pink of full form, carried on tall, branched stalks.

From the 1948 Cooley's Gardens Catalog: Gigantic lilac-pink; one of the most satisfactory varieties we have ever grown. It makes great fans of purple tinged foliage, produces a wealth of 4-foot stalks of great pink-toned blooms that last over a very long period. Does equally well in all parts of the country.