Brass Accents

Photo Courtesy of Marilyn Paskert



CLASS: Tall Bearded



DESCRIPTION: Bright brown self, hafts more intense.

PARENTAGE: (Copper Medallion x Argus Pheasant) X Inca Chief

AWARDS: HM'59, AM'61

PBF: Unknown

INTERSTING INFO: From the 1959 Schreiner's Iris Lover's Catalog: This makes the third yellow blend out of Inca Chief that we have introduced in three years. Bronze Bell is the reddest of the three; Olympic Torch is the yellowest; and Brass Accents is the brownest. Truly they are a triad of magnificent Iris! Use Bronze Bell, a gripping "personality Iris", for an incandesent note in or near the border of your Iris planting. Use Olympic Torch, a classic among classics, farther back. And for a noble background Iris, depend on rugged Brass Accents whose height and regale carriage make it stand out in any company. Brass Accents is an extraordinarily smooth, velvety Iris, virtually a self except for a burnished haft. Branching is ideal and size preeminent. You'll love the golden coffee-brown color, the flaring form, the casual ruffling. Growth and propagation are very superior. Brass Accents is an all-around great Iris!