Autumn Frost

  • Photo by Carlos Ayento; taken at Brighton Park Iris

  • Photo by Carlos Ayento; taken at Brighton Park Iris



CLASS: Unknown, originally registered as TB in 1934, listed as IB by 1942.

HEIGHT: 32" (according to 1944 catalog)

BLOOM SEASON: Early Midseason, Remontant

DESCRIPTION: White self; yellow haft markings; beards yellow.

PARENTAGE: Not listed


PBF: Unknown

From the 1934 Schreiner's Iris Lover's Catalog: Autumm Frost, our own fall blooming seedling. Mr. Clint McDade, to whom it was sent for evalution and comparision with his very large collection, reports it to be the finest New Fall blooming Iris he has seen. It is an exquisite white of good substance, gold beard and yellow haft with the standards a bit open; is about the same height as Autumn King, and blooms at about the same time; it has good color, does not wilt in the hot sun, blooms over a long period (30 days in Tennessee).

From the 1943 Wayman Iris Catalog: 36 in. VERY SWEET FRAGRANCE. The tallest of the Autumn Flowering varieties. Very large beautifuly poised flowers of perfect form, wax-like substance and alabaster whiteness.

From the 1943 Jardin des Iris Catalog: 37 in. The tallest and largest white fall bloomer. The large waxlike blossoms, which are sweetly fragrant, are supported on graceful stalks.

From the Webmaster: The plant and photos are still under evaluation to ascertain whether this is truly Autumn Frost or not. With so much confusion between the type and height, we may never know.