Brighton Park Iris first started as a private, non-commercial garden located in the Chicago neighborhood of Brighton Park in 2004, although I had been collecting Iris since 1992. Living in the city, it's needless to say that my gardening space is limited. Yet, I still find it amazing how everything is able to fit within the boundaries of my 35' x 125' city lot.

In 2006, I moved out of the Brighton Park neighborhood to another area of Chicago. Despite the move, I kept the name Brighton Park Iris because the name of my new neighborhood, Clearing, is not as sophisticated. "Clearing Iris" just gives out the wrong connotation and doesn't have that ring as "Brighton Park Iris."

In the summer of 2010, I had encountered a huge Iris borer outbreak that decimated my collection. I was considering closing this chapter of my life, but found it difficult to do so. In the fall of 2013, plans were made to rebuild the garden and search for the hundreds of varieties I once grew. In the summer of 2014, I will be planting a few hundred rhizomes.

Please browse through my available photos of some my Iris at the “My Iris Collection” link on the left. It should be noted that many of the cultivars are not pictured, due to loss of pictures or poor photo quality. There are also some new varieties that were purchased last year, that will hopefully bloom the coming season.

Irises come in many different colors and sizes. However, being that there are so many combinations and types available, it’s impossible to collect them all. My main focus is in collecting Iris introductions of the Schreiner's, one of the most prestigious Iris growers in the nation. At one point, I was growing approximately 500 of their approximately 850 introductions starting in 1934. Many of the Iris I grow are historic, that is, varieties of Iris that were introduced to the general public thirty or more years ago. A few of the varieties I grow were introduced just last year.

This is a personal website. I do not sell Iris commercially. If you are interested in a particular variety or if you have any questions, comments, or wish to trade in the future, please contact me. I hope you will have some time to look into my main project with this site in the section entitled Schreiner Iris Tribute. Happy Gardening and come back soon!

Carlos, Brighton Park Iris