This is the national club for Iris in the U.S. that has been in existence since 1927. Information regarding Iris classification, growing tips and award winners can be found here and is inclusive of all types of Iris, not just bearded. Members receive the AIS Bulletin published quarterly with articles pertaining to Iris as well as participation in AIS sanctioned shows and conventions. Membership information is provided on the website.

This is a sub-group of the American Iris Society that specializes in the continued preservation and redistribution of historic/antique Iris. In today's world of vibrant and flashy Iris, people tend to forget where these beauties come from. Member privileges include access to the members-only section of the official website, access to forums and the annual publication of ROOTS, the official magazine of HIPS. If you have any interest in historical Iris, please consider becoming a member of this organization.

Established in 1927, The Presby Memorial Iris Garden, located in Upper Montclair, New Jersey, is perhaps the most prestigious of all Iris gardens in the United States. Strictly a volunteer based garden, it is a living museum of Historic, as well as Modern Iris. For many a generation, Iris hybridizers have donated their creations to the Gardens of the Presby. In 2006, I had the gracious opportunity to donate approximately 270 iris rhizomes to start or refill new beds at The Presby. It is my hope to one day travel the Gardens during bloom time and visit for myself.

This is the official checklist and registry for all Irises. Information includes cultivar name, hybridizer, date of registration and introduction, type, height and description. 1959 to 1999 Checklists are available on the website as notepad documents. A fee is required to use the search engine, as well as Iris outside of the aforementioned dates.

Dave's Garden has a very popular Iris forum, not to mention a virtual collection of Iris photos. It's a good place to start if you're not sure what your Iris cultivar is supposed to look like or will look like in the future.

GardenWeb is a forum community of gardeners who like to discuss various topic about specific plants, general growing tips and problems, etc. The link above will take you directly to the Iris Forum, where you may talk to other Irisarians, share photos or simply chat.

This is Terry Johnson's Blog of the many wonderful Irises being grown in New Zealand. Of particular note are the many wonderful photographs the late Jean Stevens, New Zealand's premier Iris hybridizer, creator of PINNACLE and many ground-breaking Iris.

This is Sylvain Ruaud's Blog of the Iris. The blog is entirely in French, but many browers are now equipped with translators. Lots of historical knowledge about Iris to be learned.



Below is a listing of Iris Growers that I have personally tried and were satisfied with their product. I tried to include as much contact information as I can find, along with my personal experience with their company. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

910 Pioneer Circle East
Argyle, TX 76226
Phone: (940) 464-3680
The husband and wife team of Joe and Donna Spears run Argyle Acres and their "Texas Hardy" Iris. They sell a number of Modern and Historic Iris. Rhizomes sent are moderately large, fresh and clearly marked with plastic labels stapled onto the leaves. Despite their hot and dry growing conditions, their rhizomes adjust well to Chicago's colder and humid weather.

1201 Bay Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone: (831) 423-3656 (after dark, Pacific time)
Website: None
Bay View Gardens is owned and operated by the world-famous Iris hybridizer Joe Ghio, who has made a mark on the Iris world with his Iris of Ghio Form and Bubble Ruffling. The selection a very expanded selection of the very modern Iris. You won’t find many Iris offered that are more than 5 years old, so if you are looking to get the newest of the new, this is a place you should check out. Due to the fact that you are dealing with newer introductions, the prices can be a bit expensive, but the sheer size of the rhizomes you receive definitely makes up for them. There is also a smaller Bargain Section, which has some older Iris (mainly Ghio's older introductions). Printed catalog available in list form, with a few color photographs, $3.00 catalog fee.

955 Cody Avenue
Alliance, NE 69301
Phone: (308) 762-4420
Blue J Iris is a relatively new Iris grower, and the introducer of the Jedlicka creations. They are already popular amongst Irisarians for their superb selection and excellent prices. They sell many Modern Iris as well as an equally impressive collection of Historic Iris. Their rhizomes, usually sent in pairs, are mid-sized, which I would expect since their garden is located in Zone 4. Because of that, their rhizomes are good choices for those living in colder climates. They are a web-based only company, so they do not offer a printed catalog. Customers can purchase rhizomes through PayPal.

6940 Fairplay Road
Somerset, CA 95684
Phone: (530) 620-5017
The gardens of Mary Hess are perhaps the largest source of Historic Iris. Her garden participates as an official HIPS Display Garden with many rare and hard to find historics. Unique to this grower is the vast selection of Lloyd Austin creations, as she purchased a lot of Austin's stock from his company: Rainbow Hybridizing Gardens, before it closed for business. She is involved in many activities so communication may be a bit slow, but she will always get back to you. Her rhizomes are not the largest, but they are freshly pulled when you receive them. The website was recently revamped to show the full listing of Iris she has available. If you are searching for Modern Iris, then this is not the place to go, but if you are looking for Austin Iris or that hard to find variety, give her a try.

P.O. Box 9171
Brooks, OR 97305
Phone: (503) 393-7999
I only heard of Brooks Gardens recently and while I personally don't know how long they have been around, I was quite satisfied upon receiving their rhizomes for the first time during the 2006 growing season. Brooks Gardens is located in Oregon, a few minutes away from the larger companies of Schreiner's and Mid-America. Where as those companies specialize in Modern Iris, nearly all of Brooks' entire stock, if I'm not mistaken, are Historic Iris. Therese, the owner, has many Historic Iris that simply cannot be found anywhere else commercially. Communication can be a bit slow, particularly if you're like me who likes to order early in the year, but she always replies. The website is somewhat outdated and nowhere near shows how many Iris varieties she has available. Rhizomes are also somewhat expensive at $6.00 per rhizome, $5.00 if you order twelve or more. However, it's worth it if your looking for that one iris to complete your collection.
UPDATE: As of 2009, Therese is no longer offering Iris over the Internet. Iris purchases must be made at the site during the blooms season, as they are trying to focus mainly on peonies.

RR #1, 8790 WR 124
Guelph, ON Canada N1H 6H7
Phone: (519) 856-4424
Chuck Chapman is an Iris hybridizer living in Canada, so it goes without saying that many of his Iris have acclimated to harsh weather conditions. His many creations are bred to endure the cold Canadian winters. He also hosts a unique assortment of Historic Iris from Canadian hybridizers and of various different types. His prices are somewhat on the high end, but many of his Historics can't be found anywhere else.

20524 County Road 76
Eaton, CO 80615
Phone: (970) 454-0236
From what I've heard, C & T Iris Patch has been around for many years, but it was only in the 2007 growing season that I noticed a website. Many of their Iris fall under what I call the "Classic Iris," Iris introduced 10 or more years ago, but have not yet received historic status. Communication is excellent with an equally impressive product of freshly dug, moderately large rhizomes. Prices are moderate with older tall beardeds starting at $5.00.

20142 Adams Road
Aberdeen, MS 39730
Phone: (662) 369-6522
The gardens of Nina Morgan mostly feature Daylilies, but she does have an assortment of bearded Iris for sale. They are mostly varieties introduced from the 1990s, but there are a few historics on there, some of which are unique to the company. Decent sized rhizomes and moderate prices.

2581-B Egger Farm Way
Chewelah, WA 99109
Phone: None
Echo Iris Garden is a new commercial Iris garden in Washington State. Owner Ernie Hoch has a nice collection of historic and classic Iris, some of which are particularly difficult to find anywhere else. Prices are average and rhizomes are not very large, but very healthy. Wonderful communication and very willing the help out. No catalog; web orders only through PayPal.

26 Iris Lane
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Phone: (304) 258-3735
Jim Exline runs his West Virginia based Iris company Exline Iris Garden. They have a wide variety of different Iris that are priced slightly on the high end, but nonetheless, they have some hard-to-acquire varieties. The website is a bit clunky, showing only about six iris per page, so it takes awhile to see their entire catalog. Iris can be purchased through the web.

12383 Hearthstone Road
Higginsville, MO 64037
Phone: (660) 584-6309
Website: None
Supposedly this company has been around for about 40 years, although I've never heard of them until 2007. They only carry a small amount of Iris, but do have a few rare median Iris. Prices are somewhat expensive and I think they have more Iris than what they list on their website.
UPDATE: As of 2009, their webpage is no longer functioning, but they still sell Iris through E-Bay under the ID: hearthstonelegacy

22937 North Avenue
Princeton, IL 61356
Phone: (815) 659-3282
Hornbaker Gardens is perennial nursery and is one of few places that sell Bearded Iris in Illinois, so naturally their rhizomes are not the biggest. They do not carry Modern Iris, but mostly Classic and Historic Iris, a few of which can only be found through them. Their prices are unusually high for non-Modern Iris, ranging from $4.00 to $10.00 per rhizome. They also do not include bonus iris, a plus or minus depending on your point of view. If you are looking for that rare iris then give them a try, but a few of their Iris can be found cheaper elsewhere.

2700 W. Amherst Avenue
Denver, CO 80236
Phone: (303) 789-4747
Bob Van Liere is the owner of Iris4U Iris Gardens, based in Colorado. He carry mostly Modern Iris, but a few Historic and Classic Iris can be found here. Communication is great, as Bob usually respond within 24 hours. His rhizomes are quite large and will even send double rhizomes on what he considers to be "small" rhizomes, which in my opinion were anything but small. It was like receiving an extra one for free. Prices are competitive with that of major Iris growers, so give Iris4U a try if you like Modern Iris.

7675 Younger Creek Road
Primm Springs, TN 38476
Phone: (800) 934-4747
At first glance of their webpage, you may think they're a relatively new Iris Company, but the owner's grandfather actually an Iris listing since the 1940s! Today they mostly sell Louisiana Iris, but they have quite a few unique historic Bearded Iris, including one of their grandfather's introductions from the 40s. Great service and product.

Route 2, Box 26
Wayne City, IL 62895
Phone: (618) 895-2022
Jane Colvin operates The Iris Farm from Wayne City, in southern Illinois. While Jane may not have the biggest selection or the largest rhizomes, she is very communicative and has a good range of Tall Bearded Iris from various hybridizers from various time periods. One of the unique features on her website is the ability to search Iris by Hybridizer, an excellent tool for anyone collecting Iris from a particular hybridizer. The Iris Farm is a web-based company, so they do not offer a printed catalog. Online payments can be made through PayPal.

Mankato, KS 66956
Phone: (785) 378-3850
Joanne Freeman runs her private garden with her husband Dale. They have a nice collection of older Iris, many of which are historic. They are also excellently priced at $3.00 a rhizome for any variety. One the downside, some of the cultivar names are misspelled, making identification checking a little difficult. I will note that there are a few varieties on there that are mislabeled, so you have to do your homework and know what you want before you purchase. The Iris I received were surprisingly large for a Kansas garden, and very clean and healthy.

1903 Culver Hill Drive
Williamston, MI 48895
Phone: (517) 655-9222
Owner and HIPS member Judy Barton operates Iriswarehouse. They have a new website, but have been selling Iris for a few years. They guarantee top quality products, good sized rhizomes, wonderful customer service and a knowledgeable staff. The growers are all members of the Tri County Iris Society within the American Iris Society.

8280 Entrada Boulevard
Lake Isabella, CA 93240
Website: None
Lakeside Gardens is owned and operated by Winona Stevenson who has an impressive array of both Modern and Historical Iris. Quite a few of her Historic Iris cannot be found anywhere else. Prices are excellent, with the majority of offerings listing at $3.00 a rhizome. Communication is great, with Iris rhizomes being medium-sized and very healthy. She has no website, so all sales are through catalog only, which is $3.00. Highly recommended.

7051 S. 126th Street
Seattle, WA 98178
Phone: (206) 772-2780
Leonine Iris is a Seattle based Iris grower that specializes in Dwarf Iris. They indeed have quite the selection of some very rare Standard Dwarf Beardeds. The rhizmoes, however are a bit on the small size and communication can take awhile, but if you are into medians, you should give them a try.

P.O. Box 19
Boulder, CO 80306
Phone: (303) 442-2353
Long's Gardens is perhaps the oldest Iris grower in the United States. They have been around since 1905 and with the products I receive from them, I can see why. The majority of the Iris they sell are by Colorado hybridizers. Rhizomes are very large, particularly the medians. SDBs that I order from them are clusters which could have easily been sold individually. Highly recommended.

1506 S. Aspen Avenue
Lubbock, TX 79403
Phone: (806) 746-6002
Vernon and Dana Brown offer, perhaps what is the largest selection of Arilbred Iris of any Iris grower. Many rare and historic Arilbreds can be found through them. They have an equally impressive collection of other types of Bearded Iris. Prices can range from moderate to high, depending on when a variety was introduced.

181 Swallow Lane
Chaffee, MO 63740
Phone: (573) 794-2603
E-Mail: None
Website: None
I first learned of this Iris garden while searching for the correct version of a historic Iris that has several imposters floating around in the Iris market. I was referred to a gentleman by the name of Charles Pickett, who I was originally going to trade with, but what I didn't know is that he also sold Iris. There is no website or catalog, it's a VERY LARGE listing of Iris, some which I though for sure I would never find. The listing is broken into a $3, $5, $6, $7 and $9 sections. He is a very knowledgeable person and great to talk to over the phone. Historic iris lovers will find his collection hard to beat.

P.O. Box 9008
Salem, OR 97305
Phone: (503) 390-6072
The team of Paul Black and Tom Johnson co-own and operate Mid-America Garden. Hybridizers of many fine introductions, they're mainly a Modern Iris grower, although you can find sprinkling of 80s iris throughout. Communication is superb, both through e-mail and website. Online ordering is available through PayPal. Their products are always superb, with large and healthy rhizomes. An excellent choice for Modern Iris.

P.O. Box 246
Warm Springs, GA 31830
Phone: N/A
Marvin Enquist, a fellow HIPS member, opened his garden commercially in the 2007 growing season. His garden is the only official HIPS Display Garden in Georgia. He carries approximately five-hundred iris varieties, including close to fifty creations by Australian hybridizer Barry Blyth and approximately 150 historic Iris. Marvin's plants are very healthy and clearly marked. Prices are also excellent at $3.00 a rhizome. Marvin is very knowledgeable in Iris and loves to chat about them.
UPDATE: Sadly, Marvin Enquist passed away in the Spring of 2009 and the gardens are now closed.

4919 Rincon Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95409
Phone: (707) 537-7346
I have not ordered from this company in a couple of years, but their Iris were very healthy and did well here. The website is smooth, with a very functional search engine.

9087 Steele Canyon Road
Napa, CA 94558
Phone: (707) 255-7880
Situated in Napa Valley, John and Lesley Painter offer their own unique Tall Bearded creations along with a varied assortment of Classic and Modern Iris. Prices are modest with moderately large Iris rhizomes. They sell potted Iris during the bloom season to those who visit the gardens in person.

1415 Meadow Dale Drive
Lincoln, NE 68505
Phone: (402) 464-7232
Website: None
Newburn's Iris Gardens have been around for a number of years, but it wasn't until the 2006 growing season that I heard about them from another Irisarian. Their claim to fame, so-to-speak, is their very unique assortment of Historic Iris. The grow several lost Historical treasures and at $3.00 for Historic Iris, they wonderfully priced. They do grow a number of Classic Iris, as well as Medians. They do not have a website, so ordering is strictly through catalog. The big downfall of Newburn's, however, is their lack of communication. It takes at least a week or two for them to reply through E-mail. Any HIPS member, however, will find it worthwhile to peruse through their listing.

205 N. Craig Avenue
Newport, WA 99156
Phone: (509) 447-2552
Robert and Linda Karr run a lively farm of vegetables, fiber, sheep and alpaca. Even more astounding is their impressive collection of Historic Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris (SDB). By far, they have the largest collection that I've seen from any one grower of dwarf Iris. They also have an extensive collection of older Keppel, Niswonger, Plough and Shoop Iris. Communication with them is wonderful and prices are excellent at $4.00 per rhizome. MDB and SDB are 3 of a kind for $4.00. If you are into diminutive Iris, you don't want to miss them.

2566 E. 3100 Road North
Twin Falls, ID 83301
Phone: (208) 735-5286
Anthony and Irene DeRose operate the unique Riverview Iris Gardens. It is the only company that I know of that can boast a collection of over 9,000 varieties of Bearded Iris. If you are having trouble finding that particular Iris variety, chances are Riverview Iris Gardens probably has it. Their Iris are not very big, in fact, they tend to be on the small side. Yet it is hard to argue with the fact that nearly half of their stock simply can't be found anywhere in the U.S., or perhaps internationally. With that many Iris, you may get the occasional mislabeled variety. However, Tony and Irene will be more than helpful to try and identify it for you.
UPDATE: The gardens had moved in 2007, but lost a number of their stock. In 2009, their website was no longer functioning and they have apparently closed their business.

3625 Quinaby Road N.E.
Salem, OR 97303
Phone: (800) 525-2367
One of the most prestigious Iris growers in the country, and my personal favorite if you haven't already figured that out. The Schreiner's operation began 1925 in St. Paul, Minnesota and continues today in Salem, Oregon. Iris received in shipments are always large and healthy and with excellent customer service. They are, however, the priciest grower of the pack with the cheapest Tall Bearded at $10.00. However, any orders over $80 are automatically 50% off (this excludes their new introductions). I've been ordering from Schreiner's since I was 15 and have never been disappointed with what they have sent me.

38956 Lacomb Drive
Lebanon, OR 97355
Phone: (541) 259-2343
Denise Stewart owns the excellent company of Snowpeak Iris and Daylilies. Although I cannot speak about her Daylilies, her Iris are superb, offering mostly Modern Iris creations. I have not ordered much from her, simply because I prefer growing the Historic variety, but what I receive from her is always freshly dug and well-labelled. Unique to her collection is the outstanding variety of Augusto Bianco Iris. These are imported from Italy and are very sought after in the U.S. by Modern Irisarians.

1074 Robertson Drive
Escondido, CA 92025
Phone: None
I stumbled upon this garden by accident searching for a particular Barry Blyth introduction. Turns out that Alex Stanton, owner, has several of his recent introduction. Of all the Iris growers, they perhaps have the largest rhizomes I've ever seen. He has a wonderful collection of modern Iris and a few older ones as well. Their website has a lot of beautiful photographs and communication is great. I was a pleasure doing business with this relatively unknown company. No catalog; web orders only.

1170 Stoney Creek Road
Dauphin, PA 17018
Phone: N/A
The Pennsylvania gardens of Katie College is new to the Iris world, opening their doors to the public in 2006. If memory serves me correctly, I believe I was their first Internet customer. Katie is eager to please and houses a nice collection of both Historic and Modern Iris. While she may not have the largest iris of any grower, they are healthy and do well in colder climates. She has a few, very unique Historic Iris for sale and excellent prices. Customers can purchase Iris online through PayPal.

2536 Old Highway
Cathey's Valley, CA 95306
Phone: (209) 966-6277
Home of Rick Tasco and Roger Duncan and birthplace of 2005 Dykes Medalist Splashacata, Rick and Roger run a fabulous business of Iris. Of all the Iris growers on this page, they offer perhaps the most well-rounded collection of Bearded Iris. From Modern and Historic to Dwarfs thru Arilbreds, they have a comprehensive collection that fit the tastes of many Irisarians. They are #1 in my book for customer service with prompt replies to all of my questions, as well as updates on your order. Iris they send are always large and fresh. Highly recommended.

13644 Central Pike
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
Phone: (615) 449-5906
Tennessee State Iris Gardens is owned Katie Shook. She is a Keppel Iris enthusiast and carries both Modern and Historic Iris. Her Iris rhizomes are medium-sized, healthy and moderately priced. She does have a couple of rare historics that can't be found anywhere else. The website is outdated, listing only 2003 inventory, but I was able to place an order in 2006. I would advice is that if want to purchase Iris from them to do it soon, as Katie is in her 70s and may not have the gardens open for long.

2288 Road 105
Sidney, NE 69162
Phone: (308) 254-3812
E-Mail: None
Website: None
Wanda Rezac is a private grower that sells an impressive collection of Historic and Classic Iris. It comes as no surprise as Blue J Irs received much of their stock from her, not mention of the 2007 Introductions by Blue J Iris is named after here. She is not on touch through the Internet, so the only way to receive a listing is by calling or mailing her a letter.

6017 Highway 76 East
Springfield, TN 37172
Phone: (615) 384-6593
Greg Hester and his family run the Tennessee based company of Wild Iris Rows. They have a wide selection of both Modern and Historical Iris. Many of the historic Iris in their listing dates back to their grandmother's Iris garden. Most Iris are priced at $4.00 or $5.00, while the more Modern ones costing a little more. Customer service is excellent and their rhizomes are medium to moderately large sized and healthy.

P.O. Box 250
Molalla, OR 97038
Phone: (503) 829-3102
William Plotner is the owner of Wildwood Gardens. He hybridizes and sells some of his own creations, as well as Duane Meek, Jim and Vicki Craig and Lee Walker. His catalog is a very comprehensive one, listing all types of bearded, beardless and species Iris. The website only lists a small amount of what they have for sale. Rhizomes are not the largest, but very healthy. Catalog available for $5.00.

2331 J Road
Grand Junction, CO 81505
Phone: (970) 263-4138
Willow Bend Iris Farm, owned by a lady known as Victoria, is based in Colorado. By far, Victoria sends you perhaps the cleanest Iris of the bunch. I almost don't want to put them in the ground because there is not a speck of dirt on the moderately large rhizomes when you receive them. Her impressive collection of Iris includes many rare Arilbreds and a number of English Dykes Medalists. She also offers free shipping on all orders over $35.00. Customers can purchase online via PayPal.

4293 Fall River Road
Pulaski, TN 38478
Phone: (931) 363-7762
Williamson Farm Flowers is another relatively new Iris grower. They are wide assortment of both historic and modern Iris, all moderately priced. Rhizomes are moderately sized and healthy. No catalog; web orders only through PayPal.

1225 Reynolds Road
Cross Junction, VA 22625
Phone: (540) 888-4447
Website: None
Don and Ginny Spoon run the Virginia based Winterberry Gardens. It is perhaps the Eastern most grower that sells Iris commercially. Their Iris introductions are becoming vastly popular through the United States. While Winterberry Gardens cannot boast having the largest rhizomes, they are healthy and will grow. They specialize in Reblooming Iris and also carry a number of Median and Historic Iris. If reblooming Iris suits your fancy, they can help find which ones would most likely work in your zone.

P.O. Box 578668
Modesto, CA 95357
Phone: (209) 578-4184
Woodland Iris Gardens introduce the creations of LeRoy Meininger and are owned by Lorraine and Gordon Nicholson. The website does not depict their vast collection of Iris of all types. Iris rhizomes are moderately large and fresh. Although there is no direct online ordering, you can pay for your rhizomes through PayPal.
UPDATE: Their company closed down late in 2008 due to not passing agricultural inspection. Also, despite their large selection of Iris, so far, none of the Iris I purchased from them have bloomed correctly, even a 2008 introduction that I received as bonus. Tread carefully.